ThinktanK + S

thinktanK + S is a series of nonprofit discussions and co-creation events hosted by Kjellander + Sjöberg. The purpose is to build a collaborative platform and to promote a wider cross-disciplinary dialogue and initiative, to engage with urban planning and architectural discourses that transform cities and the built environment. We promote focus on the processes that shape architecture and the design of the public realm – the social, ecological, cultural and lifestyle possibilities of tomorrow.

Participiants consist of the public and a wide array of colleagues, scholars, professionals, policy-makers, urban planners and clients.

Kjellander + Sjöberg were appointed Educator of the year 2014 by the Swedish Association of Architects for the open “generous and collegial platform for current and interesting discussions about the city, people, space and architecture. Open to everyone and a key motor and driving force to the architectural and social discourse in Sweden”.

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